Don Sullivan, Avinash Nayak, and Michael Corey

Don Sullivan is a VMware database specialist systems engineer and solution architect for North America. For over 19 years, Sullivan has worked with relational databases. He is one of the original Oracle certified masters and helped create the Oracle certified masters practicum. Sullivan has presented all over the world and is a frequent speaker at VMworld, Oracle OpenWorld, EMC World, VMUGs, and OAUG events.

Avinash NayakVMware product marketing manager, Tier 1 Application, focuses on virtualization of Tier 1 applications like Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and the associated middleware. His previous experience includes Cisco, where he was part of the business intelligence team working on predictive analytics models, and PayPal, where he was part of the marketing analytics team. Nayak has been a frequent speaker at VMworld, VMUGs, and vForums. 

Michael Corey, founder of Ntirety, is a frequent speaker at technology conferences throughout the world. He is anVMware vExpert, Oracle ACE, and is on the Talkin’ Cloud 200 Computing Executives and Experts List. Corey is a past president of the IOUG; he helped found the Professional Association of SQL Server. He is also a frequent blogger for Database Trends & Applications. He written numerous articles and books published on topics as Microsoft SQL Server to Tuning Oracle.

Articles by Don Sullivan, Avinash Nayak, and Michael Corey

Consider a professional baseball game or any other popular professional sporting event. When a fan sits in the upper deck of Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, or any other sporting arena on earth, the fan is happily distracted from the real world. Ultimately, professional sports constitutes a trillion dollar industry - an industry whose product is on the surface entertainment but when one barely pierces that thin veneer it quickly becomes clear that the more significant product produced is data. A fan sitting in the upper deck does not think of it as such but the data scientist recognizes the innate value of the varied manifestations of the different forms of data being continuously produced. Much of this data is being used now but it will require a true Unified Data Strategy to fully exploit the data as a whole.

Posted August 07, 2013

A new science called "data persona analytics" (DPA) is emerging. DPA is defined as the science of determining the static and dynamic attributes of a given data set so as to construct an optimized infrastructure that manages and monitors data injection, alteration, analysis, storage and protection while facilitating data flow. Each unique set of data both transient and permanent has a descriptive data personality profile which can be determined through analysis using the methodologies of DPA.

Posted July 25, 2013

In the realm of 21st century data organization, the business function comes first. The form of the data and the tools to manage that data will be created and maintained for the singular purpose of maximizing a business's capability of leveraging its data. Initially, this seems like an obvious statement but when examining the manner in which IT has treated data over the past four decades it becomes painfully obvious that the opposite idea has been predominant.

Posted July 09, 2013

The amount of data being generated, captured and analyzed worldwide is increasing at a rate that was inconceivable a few years ago. Exciting new technologies and methodologies are evolving to address this phenomenon of science and culture creating huge new opportunities. These new technologies are also fundamentally changing the way we look at and use data. The rush to monetize "big data" makes the appeal of various "solutions" undeniable.

Posted June 27, 2013