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Elliot King has reported on IT for 30 years. He is the former chair of the Department of Communication at Loyola University Maryland, where he founded an M.A. program in Emerging Media. He has written seven books and hundreds of articles about new technologies. Follow him on Twitter @elliotkingphd. He blogs at

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If machine learning poses a special challenge for data quality, it may also hold the key to the solution. Cloud-based data quality tools that integrate machine-learning techniques can both accelerate and enhance data quality efforts. Of course, applying new tools requires an investment.

Posted January 09, 2019

The Capitol Corridor Joint Powers Authority (CCJPA) manages an Amtrak intercity passenger train service in eight Northern California counties, partnering with Amtrak, the Union Pacific Railroad, and Caltrans, the California Department of Transportation. Serving 16 stations along a 170-mile rail corridor, CCJPA offers a convenient way to travel between the Sierra Foothills, Sacramento, the San Francisco Bay Area, San Jose and the rest of the Silicon Valley.

Posted September 15, 2008