Emil Eifrem

Emil Eifrem is CEO of Neo Technology and co-founder of the Neo4j project. Before founding Neo, he was the CTO of Windh AB, where he headed the development of highly complex information architectures for enterprise content management systems. Committed to sustainable open source, he guides Neo along a balanced path between free availability and commercial reliability. Eifrem is a frequent conference speaker and author on NOSQL databases.  

Articles by Emil Eifrem

Businesses are struggling to cope with and leverage an explosion of complex and connected data. This need is driving many companies to adopt scalable, high performance NoSQL databases - a new breed of database solutions - in order to expand and enhance their data management strategies. Traditional "relational" databases will not be able to keep pace with "big data" demands as they were not designed to manage the types of relationships that are so essential in today's applications.

Posted January 25, 2012