Eric Gross

GridApp Systems’ Eric Gross has 13 years of experience working with large database infrastructures. Since 1994, he has provided smart and innovative ways for companies such as and to manage their database environments more efficiently and securely. His realm of expertise includes feature development, performance-tuning, and the automation of database administration. For more on GridApp Systems, go to

Articles by Eric Gross

Microsoft SQL Server version migrations are one of the more difficult activities for a DBA to execute, yet they are a very common change to the infrastructure. Databases eventually have to be migrated to another location, perhaps even a clustered instance. DBAs are tasked with making the database migration succeed despite all of the complexities and failures that are possible. The concerns around database migration can be alleviated through an automated process which results in an infrastructure that will be easier for DBA teams to manage, more compliant, easier to document, faster in turnaround time for changes, and more reliable with less downtime.

Posted July 15, 2008