Fran Howarth

Fran Howarth is a principal analyst with Bloor Research, a European IT research company. A member of "Who's Who in e-Business" and a past judge for the Codie awards in security categories, Howarth has worked as a consultant and analyst for 20 years, including at the Aberdeen Group, KPMG Consulting, the Economic Intelligence Unit, and Quocirca Ltd. She is a frequent contributor to Faulkner's Security Management Practices publication, and may be reached via email:

Articles by Fran Howarth

Much of the information contained in databases is sensitive and can be sold for cash or, such as in cases of theft by a disgruntled employee or by a hacker with political motivations, to cause the organization loss of business or reputation, especially if the organization is found to be in breach of regulations or industry standards that demand high levels of data security. However, there are 5 key steps that can be taken to ensure database security.

Posted March 11, 2014

Modern data centers contain a mix of physical and virtual systems and must be able to provide access to highly distributed collaborative applications as well as support systems that leverage cloud computing. Here are 8 best practices for achieving data center security and an in-depth analysis of the new security concerns presented by next-generation data centers.

Posted October 23, 2013

Cloud computing is no longer hype; it is the reality today for most organizations because of the numerous benefits that it brings. There are three main deployment models for cloud computing—private cloud, public cloud, and a hybrid mix of the two. Here is a look at the risks and disadvantages with each of the cloud deployment models.

Posted October 09, 2013