Gary Orenstein

Gary Orenstein, is vice president of products at Fusion-io. He has served in leadership roles at numerous data center infrastructure companies. Prior to Fusion-io, Orenstein was the vice president of marketing at MaxiScale, focused on web scale file systems and acquired by Overland Storage, and before MaxiScale, he was the vice president of marketing and business development at Gear6, focusing on storage and web caching. He also served as vice president of marketing at Compellent which went public in 2007, and was a co-founder at Nishan Systems, which was acquired by McDATA/Brocade.

Articles by Gary Orenstein

Flash memory is taking the data center world by storm and creating new and innovative opportunities to challenge the status quo. This is occurring across numerous use cases: turning SQL server databases into fraud detection powerhouses for the world's largest retailers, scaling MySQL to support the infrastructure behind a premier sport league's mobile application, and capturing massive data volumes in real time with new NoSQL stores like MongoDB. Across the board, these organizations are breaking new ground with unprecedented performance, scaling beyond what was previously possible, and slashing infrastructure spending.

Posted August 09, 2012