Joachim Wester

Joachim Wester founded Starcounter in 2006 and his efforts and vision are aimed at taking the database industry to the next level of performance. He has founded multiple successful companies, including Medea System AB with software translated to over 16 languages and Aldata Solutions AB.  A computer whiz from the start, Joachim is a self-taught programmer, building his first computer in the fifth grade. At age 14, he won first place in the Commodore International Computer Art Challenge and began his journey as a successful technology entrepreneur.

Articles by Joachim Wester

The database industry is changing. Some internet applications such as search engines and social networks have rolled out their own scale-out technologies, such as NoSQL and MapReduce, effectively ignoring the traditional database, and essentially accusing it of being too underpowered. The database titans in turn remind us why consistency, schemas and query languages matter. Both camps point out considerable weaknesses in each other's approaches. The question is, what will power the future information systems?

Posted April 11, 2012