Jon Pilkington

As chief product officer, Jon Pilkington brings more than 2 decades of business analytics experience to Datawatch, including 18 years in the business intelligence market. To learn more about Pilkington’s views on data preparation and business intelligence technologies, read his posts on LinkedIn and the Datawatch Blog, or follow him on Twitter @Jon_Pilkington.Datawatch. 

Articles by Jon Pilkington

Because companies across all industries are realizing the need for data in evidence-based decision making over gut instinct, they're increasingly relying on more minds, teamwork, and tighter collaboration for confidence and trust in analytical outcomes. Today, machine learning is improving the process by being a new "mind" to supplement and enhance our human thought.

Posted December 12, 2018

The concept of data lakes is a great one, but if not done correctly, this treasure trove of information can quickly turn into a black abyss for data analysts and scientists, let alone business users.

Posted April 07, 2017