Keshava Murthy

Keshava Murthy is the Senior Technical Staff Member at IBM Informix development working on query processing and data warehousing. He has worked on multiple relational and object relational databases. He has developed features in SQL, RTREE, distributed queries, heterogeneous transaction management, and extensibility components of Informix. He has received two Outstanding Technical Achievement Awards from IBM. Keshav holds Bachelor degree in computer science and engineering from the University of Mysore, India.

Articles by Keshava Murthy

Imagine Google returning search results on "Lady Gaga" in 0.03 seconds, but taking 30 seconds to return results for "Lunar Eclipse." That might seem unacceptable; however, that is the reality for most of today's enterprise data analytics. Some queries can come back in seconds with others taking minutes or even hours. Perhaps with a lot of tuning ahead of time, ad hoc analysis query performance can be improved, but in most cases, it remains a huge challenge. When you have the right indexes, summary tables, and statistics, you can get answers quickly. The IBM Informix Warehouse Accelerator solves this problem using novel algorithms on modern hardware.

Posted July 11, 2012