Mike Skubisz

Mike Skubisz is vice president, product management for Deep Information Systems, which provides a database purposefully designed for complex physical, virtual and cloud environments. Leveraging Deep’s new computer science, machine learning and dynamic resource allocation, and using the MySQL interface businesses know, deepSQL delivers  speed and flexibility and scales to hundreds of billions of rows, without requiring application changes to allow businesses to predictably meet current and future customer demands while lowing costs, and instantly respond to ever-changing market conditions.  

Articles by Mike Skubisz

MySQL is a popular open source database and one of the top relational databases—and with good reason. It is an extremely feature-rich and powerful database platform. With all its positives, however, MySQL has a number of challenges that can limit its ability to perform with the agility and performance businesses increasingly require. Here's a quick look at how to optimize MySQL for your ever-changing environment.

Posted March 03, 2016