Scott Schumacher

Scott Schumacher, Ph.D., is senior vice president and chief scientist at Initiate, an IBM company (   He is a government security and technology expert and has been involved for more than 20 years in research, development, testing and implementation of complex data analysis solutions, including work commissioned by the Defense Department. He is a member of the Institute of Mathematical Statistics and the American Statistical Association.

Articles by Scott Schumacher

The flood of digital information increases the need for accuracy - including knowing which data to leave out. Remember when we used to ride around in our cars and listen to AM radio? Maybe you're not quite old enough to remember, but there was a time when AM radio was all we had - and that was fine. There also used to be only a handful of television channels, which we had to get up out of our chairs to change. That was fine, too. We didn't long for a wider variety of music on the radio, or more channels to watch on TV. We had what we had, and it was all fine - it was all "good enough."

Posted October 12, 2010