Scott Zoldi

Scott Zoldi is a vice president of Analytic Science at FICO, responsible for the analytic development of FICO’s transaction analytics products and solutions, including the FICO Falcon Fraud Manager product, which protects about two-thirds of the world’s payment card transactions from fraud.

FICO provides analytics software and tools used across multiple industries to manage risk, fight fraud, build more profitable customer relationships, optimize operations and meet strict government regulations.


Articles by Scott Zoldi

As the business value of big data increases, vendors are offering cloud-hosted big data technology, known as big data as a service (BDaaS). Why choose BDaaS instead of on-premises deployments? Do you lack internal IT expertise in big data? Is the upfront cost for a cluster an issue? Or do you not have the luxury of time to build a cluster? These are all important questions when considering BDaaS.

Posted November 13, 2015

As the excitement and opportunity provided by big data tools develop, many organizations find their big data initiatives originating outside existing data management policies. As a result, many concepts of formal data governance are either intentionally or unintentionally omitted as these enterprises race to ingest huge new data streams at a feverish pace in the hope of increased insight and new analytic value.

Posted May 19, 2015

One of the leading data concerns for all businesses is the proper security and use of customer data. Exacerbating the challenge for a company that processes and manages data across multiple international clients are the various implementations of privacy policies across the globe.

Posted April 08, 2015