Steve Karam

Steve Karam is an Oracle Certified Master (OCM), Oracle ACE, and Cloudera Certified Developer for Hadoop (CCDH) with over 15 years of DBA, management, instructor, and development experience with hundreds of companies in a wide variety of vertical markets. In this time Karam has worked extensively with many technologies including RDBMS, NoSQL, Hadoop, Lucene, Graph databases, and Linked Data/Semantic Web. As the Director of Customer Education and Experience at Delphix,  Karam is working to build an educational framework to train and guide users on the revolutionary Delphix Agile Data Platform. Via his blog, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites Steve provides insight and tutorials to the community under his online alter ego "The Oracle Alchemist." His two most important goals are to never stop learning, and never stop teaching.

Articles by Steve Karam

Business intelligence, analytics, and just-in-time reporting have exploded in recent years. The documentation manuals for older database software are filled with tips on shutting down access to data warehouses for the weekend while data loads are performed, dropping and recreating indexes along the way for a performance boost during the load. However, today's high-velocity world does not allow for that; instead, the data supply chain must constantly be flowing from source to ODS to warehouse to the rich dashboards of eager executives and business analysts at all times.

Posted November 12, 2014