Wayne Salpietro

Wayne Salpietro is the director of product/social media marketing at Permabit (Cambridge, MA). Permabit is the leader in the development and delivery of Dedupe 2.0 data optimization solutions. Permabit delivers Albireo, the only OEM-embedded high-performance data optimization software solution, as well as integrated solutions in the Permabit Enterprise Archive and Cloud Storage offerings. 

Articles by Wayne Salpietro

The continued expansion of structured and unstructured data storage seems to be never-ending. At the same time, database administrators' need to reduce their storage consumption is accelerating as its cost becomes more visible. Today, however, there are data optimization technologies available that can help with the continued data growth.

Posted February 27, 2013

Rampant data growth has been the stimuli to over-spending on data storage. Technology advances have enabled us to gather more data faster than any time in our history. This has been beneficial in many ways and has provided businesses more data that can enable them to optimize their sales, marketing, customer relations and product offerings. Unfortunately, in order to keep pace with data growth, businesses have had to provision more and more storage capacity, costing them millions of dollars.

Posted August 29, 2011