Willie Tejada

As chief developer advocate, Willie Tejada  is responsible for IBM’s Developer Ecosystems Group—comprised of Digital Experience, Partnerships, Offer Management, and Strategy. With more than 20 years in technology, Tejada has led marketing, developer relations, product management and development for both startup and large enterprise organizations. This experience provides the skills needed for business transformation, scalability, and disruption.

Articles by Willie Tejada

As Paul Graham, founder of Y-Combinator, has put it: "Hacking and painting have a lot in common … [hackers and painters] they're both makers." And as modern-day artists, developers will help create the future of cognitive computing and AI. New technology has granted them more paints and more materials with which to paint and sculpt. It will allow them to create works of art never previously envisioned, that are powered by big datasets and cognitive systems. But they can't go it alone. Even da Vinci had his patrons. That leads to the next logical questions. How should organizations support their developers right now? And where should they place resources to ensure their developers reap the greatest benefits from cognitive technologies?

Posted January 04, 2018