Announcing IOUG's Virtualization Webinar Series - Starting 7/27

\Oracle DBAs: hoping to learn more about virtualization and increase your proficiencies and skills in your everyday job roles? Mark your calendar for July 27th and keep a close eye on our Online Education Series page for the registration link. IOUG is hosting a new series of webinars covering the topic of virtualization, which kicks off with Tariq Farooq and Mike Ault presenting '360 Degrees: Everything to know about Virtualization for Oracle DBAs'. Tune in at 12/1pm CT/ET on Wednesday, July 27th for a front-row virtual seat for the first leg of virtualization best practices, current strategies, pros & cons, relevance and role in Cloud computing, and much more. Gain virtualization expertise and insights from the comfort of your desk. You won't want to miss a single part of this series!