Attend MySQL Webinar: MENTOR Your Indexes

Tuesday, September 21, 12:00 p.m. CT

We all know how to define database indexes, but which indexes to define remains a mysterious art for most software developers. This discussion will use general principles and specific scenarios to give you practical, step-by-step knowledge to turn a performance bottleneck into an epic win!

This Webinar will be presented by Bill Karwin, who has been a software engineer for more than twenty years, developing applications, libraries and servers for mid-sized companies and startups. His career has focused on technologies and tools that enable the success and productivity of other software developers, for example the Zend Framework library for PHP 5 Web development, the InterBase relational database and the Enhydra Java application server. Karwin is the author of SQL Antipatterns: Avoiding the Pitfalls of Database Programming from Pragmatic Bookshelf.

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