BIWA TechCast: The Element of Risk: Using Oracle Crystal Ball to Calculate Forecasting Risk and Certainty

Wednesday, February 24, 12:00 p.m. ET
Lucie Trepanier, Oracle Product Management

Net present value. Credit ratings. Return on investment. Revenue. Key dashboard metrics about the future are vital to you and how you run your business. These are the calculated values upon which you base your decisions. While numbers are necessary, they are not sufficient by themselves to fully enlighten the decision-making process. A missing element: Forecasting Risk.

This session will use a series of customer use cases from financial services and other industries to show how to use Oracle Crystal Ball to calculate the uncertainty inherent in the numbers. The session will also highlight new capabilities in BI to report on both value and risk combined. Oracle Crystal Ball is a leading spreadsheet-based application for risk measurement, including probabilistic modeling, simulation, time-series forecasting and optimization.

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