BIWA Techcast: Oracle ETL Architecture for Enterprise Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence Reporting

John Lucas - GHX Consulting
Wednesday, April 7, 12:00 p.m. ET

A review of the exceptional benefits (cost and otherwise) and great functionality of native Oracle Database Extraction, Transformation and Load (ETL) capabilities. Oracle offers a comprehensive suite of BI/DW products (OLAP, Data Mining, Warehouse Builder and many others), but the Oracle Database itself - without additional products - provides a rich environment for creating powerful ETL architectures. Through External Tables, MERGE statements, DBMS scheduler, packages, procedures, functions (analytical and classic), partitioning and more, the ETL abilities of Oracle are nearly unlimited. Attendees of this TechCast will learn how to create a low-cost, high-value Oracle Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse platform.

Presenter: John Lucas is a BI Architect with 13 years experience in Business Intelligence. His hands on experience with Oracle products and functionality covers Oracle Data Integrator, Warehouse Builder, Data Miner, Analytical Functions, and ETL processing with pipeline table functions, materialized views, external tables, parallel load and query execution/tuning and much more. He has designed multiple data management and reporting architectures including systems that handle near-real-time data streams, consolidation of enterprise financial reporting and ERP, profitability analysis and pricing optimization.

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