Check Out Privatizing the Cloud: 2010 IOUG Survey on Cloud Computing

There has been no shortage of excitement and chatter in the past year over the rise of public cloud computing, in which resources and applications are purchased on a pay-by-the-sip basis from third-party service providers. However, an even larger and more pervasive cloud revolution has been happening, almost quietly, within the walls of today's enterprises.

Companies are packaging and virtualizing their own IT assets into "cloud"-like services to offer across various departments and divisions, and even to outside partners. These "private clouds" offer the same flexibility and incremental cost advantages to end users as public clouds, but with less perceived risk and greater assurances of security and accountability.

A new survey of 267 IT and data managers and professionals with the IOUG, conducted by Unisphere Research, finds that private cloud formations are growing in many companies, often outpacing adoption of public cloud services. The survey, conducted in partnership with Oracle, was fielded in August 2010.

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