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Don't miss these upcoming Oracle webcasts! June 19, 2013 Update

Don't miss these upcoming Oracle webcasts!

On-Demand Webcast
Big Data, Big Challenges, Big Opportunities

Did you know that 77% of your peers from other companies are not confident that their systems can effectively manage big data? How confident are you? To see how you compare, attend this Webcast, which will review the results of a survey of the Independent Oracle Users Group (IOUG). You'll get an insider view on what 300 members are currently doing with big data, what they plan to do, what works for their business, and what doesn't.

Get answers to the questions, including:

  • How are your peers taking advantage of big data?
  • Where do big data projects originate if only 51% stem directly from IT?
  • With 66% of retailers already using or planning to use Hadoop, how do other industries compare?

Don't miss this opportunity to learn about the impact that big data can have on your business and how to get started.

Storage and Applications Engineered Together. Oracle Has It, NetApp Doesn't.

Today's modern, Oracle data centers are demanding more than general purpose NetApp storage can deliver. After all, it's no longer enough to simply get raw performance, capacity, and data protection from your storage. To really improve application efficiencies, optimize performance, and ultimately lower storage costs, built-in integration from the storage layer up through the database and application stack is essential. In this webcast, Marc Staimer of Dragon Slayer Consulting discusses with Oracle storage executives how Oracle's Sun ZFS Storage Appliance uniquely delivers this integration - and, how NetApp doesn't. Learn how the unique advantages that Oracle's Sun ZFS Storage Appliance has over the NetApp. Watch Now!

InfoWorld Technical White Paper: Reduce System Integration Risks and Speed IT Deployments

Learn how Oracle Optimized Solutions can help you facilitate the deployment of an enterprise software infrastructure, reduce integration risks and operating costs, and increase user productivity as well as accelerate business agility to quickly respond to changes inside and outside your business. Download the InfoWorld paper now.

Register for the Webcast
and discover what it takes to make smart analytics investments. You'll find out how customers have reduced their TCO while gaining real-time insight by consolidating their analytics on Oracle Exalytics, a single machine with optimized hardware, software, and in-memory database technology.

Join us for an Oracle Webcast to learn about the benefits, applications, and features of Oracle Real-Time Decisions. You'll discover how predictive analytics and big data can transform today's dynamic customer experiences at the moment of impact.

Faster, Easier, and Safer Than Building It Yourself
Is it really easier to deploy and manage Oracle Exadata than a custom-assembled database infrastructure? What are the trade-offs of selecting an engineered system like Oracle Exadata, and what does it mean to daily data center operations?

To find out, register now for the Oracle Exadata Planning and Deployment Workbook and Video. 

How are you dealing with the increasing costs and delays caused by your complex data center architecture or with an inefficient collection of custom assembled components? Do your users expect better performance and higher availability than your current IT infrastructure can support? Join us for a Live Oracle Webcast on June 27 10:00 AM PT.