Entuity Joins IOUG community - Delivers network information to Oracle stack

Entuity, a leading provider of enterprise network management, is excited to announce its new partnership with IOUG. Entuity looks forward to working with the IOUG community to help integrate in-depth network information with the Oracle stack for a holistic view of service delivery. Entuity brings to IOUG members truly unified network management that delivers automated discovery, topology, fault, events, device and flow-based performance all in a single product. Entuity’s high automation, along with business and technical views of the network, help to reduce or eliminate the time it takes to ensure that the infrastructure supporting applications stays free of problems. As an Oracle Gold and Oracle Verified Integration (OVI) Partner, Entuity integrates with Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) through an easy to install plug-in with the Entuity network management product. This integrated strategy enables real-time events, metrics, status information and other network data, to be correlated with OEM-managed IT components, such as servers, databases, and applications. It also helps rapidly determine whether the network or the application is causing performance degradation. For more information about the plug-in, watch our video. Visit us at