Exadata Tip Booklet to be Released in September!

New for 2012, IOUG will release a special printed best practices guide to keep on your desk. Featuring expert authors and real-world users, the Tip Booklet will be released in September. Check out for updates on mailing dates and how to receive a copy!

Here's just a taste of the great advice you'll find in the Exadata  Best Practices Tip Booklet:

Getting Started Checklist for Exadata Implementation Planning
By Shyam Varan Nath

When implementing Exadata, there are several considerations both technical and non-technical. These can be clubbed into categories like:

  • Current Oracle Database and Application landscape
  • Current challenges - DB performance v/s consolidation
  • Product certifications on Oracle DB and OEL OS and
  • DB Migration and DR consideration

Current challenges - DB performance v/s consolidation: The company should clearly document what is the primary challenge today such as whether it is the database performance or proliferation of databases, to set the priority of migration to Exadata. If it is performance, then determine whether the application is data warehouse / batch mode application or OLTP. In case of DB performance issue, it is best to move the performance constraint application first and set the base line. Exadata has more case studies and data points for DW type application performance boast, so best to migrate the DW application first and enable HCC, to justify the ROI faster. In case of database consolidation, as the key driver to Exadata, application should be grouped into mission critical and non-critical ones to drive the future state.