Featured Thought Leader Article: The Inaugural Issue (March)

By Kimberly Floss, Senior Database Manager

One of the biggest benefits of being a member of the IOUG community is the ability to share knowledge with other users.  When making decisions in our day-to-day jobs, as a DBA, architect, DBA Manager, or developer, it is often useful to know how others have chosen to implement a technology, what successes they had, what challenges they ran into, and what they’d do differently next time.  

The Oracle Enterprise Manager SIG is a great way to obtain such information, and interact with other users.  It provides all users with the ability to leverage content for leading best practices and guidelines from others working on similar projects, or in similar environments, specific to Enterprise Manager 12c.  

As a manager, it’s important for my team members to leverage the knowledge of others, to help jump start the projects that we need to implement, and to troubleshoot as needed.  As a DBA, it is important to seek to improve your own skillset, as well as strive to improve time to deliver on any project or support request, and it is exciting to see the IOUG so focused on making this possible for the community.  Keeping the communication lines open, and learning from each other at sessions being presented at the COLLABORATE 2013 conference in Denver, is critical to all of us, in meeting our goals as successful DBAs and IT Professionals.

COLLABORATE – IOUG Forum sessions that I personally look forward to are:

Oracle Enterprise Manager Deployment Best Practices - Werner De Gruyter, Oracle

EM12c - Less Known Features and Techniques - Kellyn Pot'Vin, Sr. Technical Consultant, Enkitec

Automating Database Security Compliance using OEM 12c - Bobby Lee Curtis, Senior Engineer, BIAS Corp

Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c in an HA configuration across Data Centers - Todd Bellaver, Database Manager, Secure-24

Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c: Architecture Deep Dive, Tips, and Techniques - Mark McGill, Principal Product Manager, Oracle

Here is a link to more content and onsite activities