Featured Thought Leader Article: IOUG’s Oracle Enterprise Manager SIG: Where Customers Come Together

The IOUG's annual Enterprise Best Practices / Enterprise Manager Special Interest Group (SIG) meeting was a resounding success. And, virtual participation was welcomed, via tweets displayed on a large projection screen.  Customers had the opportunity to ask Oracle for future enhancements, highlight what was working well and where challenge areas were.

Discussion centered around the ability for customers to leverage the SIG for recent updates on products and capabilities, networking opportunities as well as learning through each other – by sharing tips and tricks and best practices. Different customers use different features in Oracle Enterprise Manager (EM), and people really want to hear from each other on what was implemented and how they are using the features. As well, since Oracle EM has the capability of managing other third-party technologies, we, as a customer group, have a voice into Oracle to suggest where we’d like to go with the toolset next.

Kris Cook, IOUG Enterprise Manager SIG Chair, at the Oracle Enterprise

Manager SIG Birds of a Feather event at the COLLABORATE 13-IOUG Forum.

Customers highlighted scenarios where they could find solutions faster through networking, versus using Oracle support, for issues related to Oracle EM 12c. Customers also requested the ability to use Oracle EM 12c as the “one tool” to manage multiple databases, as many shops have Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, MySQL, etc. One tool to manage all would provide a boost to productivity.

They would also like to see more add-ins and reporting out of Oracle EM 12c, to leverage the tool more broadly within their organizations.

In addition, there was some discussion regarding specific problem-solving / troubleshooting for a few folks, regarding escalation within administration groups and the use of Cygwin on servers. That’s the best thing about a SIG – walking in with questions or problems, and walking out with solutions from other customers who have had the same experiences, and already implemented solutions. As Oracle EM aficionado Ray Smith put it – “You could see the networks forming in front of your eyes. What a great addition to IOUG offerings!”