IOUG November Webinar: Best Practices for Database Security, Information Governance & Compliance

Join IOUG on November 1 at Noon (CT) for an online education session focused on database security, governance and compliance. Register Here!

Databases continue to be the number one source of breached records globally. Commercial database systems such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2 and Sybase containing organizations' most sensitive data, including financial records, credit card information and customer data are extremely attractive targets.

It's also the reason they are increasingly subject to regulations such as SOX, PCI-DSS and other data protection and privacy regulations. As a result, protecting against fraud, insider threats and external attacks has compelled organizations in all industries and geographies to streamline compliance and governance processes, in order to protect the integrity of their most vital information assets.

In this session, Ron Ben Natan, IBM Distinguished Engineer, CTO for Data Security, Compliance and Optimization and author of "HOWTO Secure and Audit Oracle 10g and 11g," discusses best practices for protecting against SQL injection attacks; unauthorized access by both privileged users and outsourced DBAs; failed database logins; sharing of generic service accounts; unpatched database vulnerabilities; and changes to security configurations. He'll review how database activity monitoring and protection solutions manage the entire database security and compliance and meet audit reporting requirements.