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11/10 Women in Technology Webinar: Mentoring Basics

IOUG, OAUG and Quest present:

Learn why mentoring is so important especially within the technology industry. The speakers will share with you the basics of mentoring as well as their experiences throughout the years. You will gain insight on the steps you can take today to have an impact through mentoring. All participants will get access to the reference, Mentoring-in-a-Box, created by the National Center for Women & Technology.

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-Gail Farnsley, Program Manager, Affinity Group Alliance at National Center for Women & Information Technology
-Carolyn Faehling, Executive Vice President and Chief Executive for the Technology Industry Practice at SmithBucklin

11/16 What Planning is Required for Exadata Implementation?

Traditionally we have been designing, deploying and administering the Non-Appliance kind of Infrastructure. So all the processes, policies, governance, skill set, and organization layout are in place to compliment this model. As we are moving towards Appliance kind of Infrastructure we need to tweak all these areas to make sure that we have effective and efficient model in place. This presentation basically covers the what are the typical steps one can follow while in the process of on-boarding Exadata. This will cover the various services you should pay attention to and choose the best one which is suitable to your organization.

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11/29 Compliance, Security and Privacy - What are the risks, solutions and best practices?

Over the last several years, applications and databases, which typically contain an organization's most sensitive data, have consistently been the primary source of breached data.

During this 45-minute educational Webinar, you will:
. Learn more about the state of Oracle and database security
. Learn how to protect your organization's most sensitive data

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