IOUG Performance Tuning Webinar June 30

Looking for performance tuning education? There's still time to register for IOUG's next webinar: RAC Performance tuning: Private inter connect. Join Riyaj Shamsudeen from OraInternals, LLC on Thursday, June 30th from 11am - 12pm CST and dive into the nuances and issues with configuring and tuning performance of the private interconnect in the Real Application Cluster world. The webinar will dig deep into specific RAC topics such as:

  • Identification of interconnect performance using RAC specific wait events
  • A deep dive about network stack: UDP, IP, etc.
  • Reviewing network performance metrics using OS tools
  • Review of UDP parameters, jumbo frames, and MTU to use 
  • Few common misconfigurations and troubleshooting techniques

Register now, and stay tuned for the Q3 Webinar series on Security- starting July 13th.

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