IOUG Presents a Day of Real World Performance with Tom Kyte, Andrew Holdsworth and Graham Wood

The verdict is in - Real World Performance is a hit!

Attendees in San Diego and Los Angeles are already raving about this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to hear from Oracle's rock stars of real world performance.

"This Real World Performance workshop is perfect for me. It's easy to justify a single day out-of-office. It's local, so no hassles about travel and lodging expense approvals. And I stay within easy reach of the office for emergencies. And I get to see three great speakers in a really intense deep-dive on the subject - long enough so I can actually think about the questions I'd like to ask. More of these, please!"
- Todd Barry, Database Architect, HP

"Great presentation! Really liked the three guys bouncing off each other."
- Fran Koener, DBA, DirectTV

IOUG tour correspondent Michelle Malcher was in attendance in San Diego and talked to attendees about their Real World experiences:

Michelle breaks down everything you never knew you could accomplish before lunch.

Michelle and Howard Hackworth get star-struck by their VIP access to the Real World Performance crew.

Michelle and Rebecca Hall close out the afternoon by planning how to take Real World Performance back to the office.