IOUG Upcoming Webinars - Update September 26, 2012

Industry Specific Data Warehousing & Analysis of Industrial Big Data
Wednesday, September 26, 2012 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM CDT

Industry-specific, pre-built data warehouse solutions, from Oracle, leverage the full set of Oracle's ETL/ELT technologies, business intelligence and analytical products.  Solutions include industry standards-based schema, metadata, analytical models, role-based dashboards and reports built for a given industry. Current coverage includes Communications & Media, Retail & CPG, Airlines & Transportation, Utility & Energy, and Healthcare.  These provide secure and scalable underpinning foundations that are both adaptable and extensible, while maximizing the exchange of information among systems e.g. CRM, and other key data intensive business initiatives. This session provides a glimpse on the industry-specific data warehouse offerings from Oracle and their support for analyzing the big sensor data.  Staying up to date on this is important because the data industries generate is most often where tech is most useful and impactful. 


  • Industry DW solution enables context specific analyzing of industrial big data to maximize investment
  • Measurable ROI - Short-term - labor and development cost ; long-term - corporate data underpinning

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Testing the Bounds of Data Governance: 2012 IOUG Test, Development and Quality (QA) Survey
Thursday, September 27, 2012 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM CDT

Presented by:
Kimberly Madia, WW Product Marketing Manager, IBM
Thomas Wilson, President, and CEO, Unisphere

Upgrades, migrations, customizations... With the demands of business, organizations continue to push for more rapid test and development. The pressure to deliver quality applications and functionality is challenging test and development teams to find better ways to streamline and improve their processes. So how can you meet these challenges and improve the quality of your applications and data?

In this webcast, we will review the findings of the (2012 IOUG Test, Development and QA Survey) and discuss the best practices and issues that it highlights. This survey explored the demands and challenges that test, development and QA teams are facing, and the best practices which they are employing to overcome them. Join us for this educational and interactive webcast and receive a copy of the study.

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