IOUG Update: Get Maximum Value from Your Investment in Oracle Licenses

Oracle License Management Services (LMS) is a global organisation made up of 300+ employees and covering 114 countries. The organization promotes the management, governance and awareness of the proper use and distribution for Oracle systems through expert services. Its goal is to provide Oracle customers with the most up-to-date knowledge, best practices and tools to manage and maximize their Oracle license investment.

The LMS service offering is based on a unique licensing expertise and proven methodologies. Each service has been designed to address specific license management requirements and business needs and to deliver long-term customer value to help simplify, consolidate and standardize the customer's software licenses. LMS services are not chargeable.

LMS offers three levels of service: Advisory, Review and Managed. Each service is designed to meet a customer's specific requirement and LMS takes time to listen and understand a customer's business to allow services to be tailored to meet the individual customer need. LMS works alongside the customer in a collaborative, service-oriented approach. An overview of the services is detailed below.


  • Advice on licensing a specific current and/or future environment
  • License education on "hot topics"


  • Assessment of current compliance status
  • Considers entitlements, deployment allocation and utilization


  • A longer term, enterprise level engagement that considers the life cycle of Oracle assets, associated processes and controls

• Focuses on the Software Asset Lifecycle

LMS' aim is to educate, equip and enable customers to manage their licenses in a more effective and efficient way and that a customer will be in a much better place as a result of an engagement. It is important to note that LMS is independent of the Oracle Sales Organization, reporting directly into the Finance Division, allowing an autonomous approach to the services offered. All engagements are:

Open and Transparent

  • We will share all data with the customer throughout the engagement.

Objective and Impartial

  • We will establish and provide the facts only.

•We will work with customers to understand how they manage licenses now and help them to proactively manage their licenses in the future.

By engaging with LMS customers, we'll gain the knowledge and information necessary to provide you with:

  • Clarity surrounding license entitlements
  • Optimization of license allocation and utilization
  • Informed decision making, based on facts
  • Reduced unexpected liabilities
  • Accurate budgeting and expenditure planning

• Improved corporate governance and associated controls

Engaging with LMS can often be a catalyst for driving new business processes and can help to provide a framework to harness and optimize your Oracle investment. Eighty four percent of customers LMS has engaged with stated that LMS helped them to "accurately plan and budget for future license requirements," and two-thirds of customers say LMS "helped reduce long-term license cost." Read what our customers say:

"The City of Rome worked closely with Oracle License Management Services because it's important to effectively manage our Oracle license entitlements. We now have a thorough understanding of our Oracle technology pool and work proactively to ensure we effectively plan our future license requirements." - Luigi Baldoni, Direttore Direzione ICT, City of Rome

"By working with the Oracle License Management Services team, we have achieved total control over both license allocations and costs. We also receive ongoing support and training from Oracle License Management Services. Arab Potash and Oracle now share a particularly strong relationship. In short, we support Oracle, and Oracle supports us."- Ibrahim Kofahi, IT Director, Arab Potash Company

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