IOUG Webcasts - November 15, 2017

Unleash Your DevOps Strategy by Synchronizing Application and Database Changes
November 15, 2017
12:00pm - 1:00pm CT

Many IT organizations are re-thinking the way they develop and deploy applications so they can more easily meet the demands of their business and to meet the expectations of their customers. For an increasing number of these organizations, this means the adoption of a DevOps strategy to help streamline the application development process. There is one significant obstacle, however, that prevents these businesses from realizing the benefits of DevOps, and that’s their database development.

The database has become the bottleneck in DevOps because many development organizations lack the necessary processes and tools to make database changes as applications are deployed. Attend this live webinar with Oracle expert and Toad Product Manager John Pocknell to better understand how the right tools can help streamline the database development in your organization, so it moves as smoothly and efficiently as the rest of your DevOps-enabled processes.

Don’t miss this session to learn how to:
Shorten your database development cycles without compromising quality and performance
Integrate code quality reviews and functional code testing into your Continuous Integration workflow
Work smarter and become more agile by delivering code 40% faster

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