IOUG Webinars - Planned for August 27 and August 28, 2013

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IOUG Webinars

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From DBA to DMA: Understanding Critical Storage Factors to Improve Database Performance
Tuesday, August 27, 2013
12:00 PM- 1:00 PM CST
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Storage has a real, tangible impact on database performance, but with the separation of skill sets and tools, Database Administrators (DBAs) are often removed from the storage layer. With the only storage co-engineered with Oracle Database, Oracle brings you the tools required to bridge the gap so that storage knowledge doesn't have to be a black hole. Expand your Database Administrator skills to become a Data Management Administrator (DMA) -- with end-to-end knowledge and monitoring capabilities from the Database to the storage.   

In this session we will cover how to use Oracle's graphical and intuitive storage instrumentation to quickly solve critical issues important to Database performance, including:

  • Something changed in business processing?  Learn how to quickly identify rogue servers causing resource overrun.
  • Something changed in the networking stack?  Find out how to rapidly eliminate storage or database quality of service changes to pinpoint issues in the networking stack.
  • Performance degradation occurring?  Gain the skills to find out which piece of hardware is saturated.
  • Managing expectations in a virtual environment?  Understand the importance of advanced analytics to be able to troubleshoot down to the VM level.

Join Jeff Wright, Oracle Chief Technologist, to learn how to observe, troubleshoot and improve your Database storage.  Turn storage into a Database advantage right from your desktop with the skills you acquire from this session.

Oracle12cSIG (IOUG) Techcast: An Exploration of Oracle Database 12c Key Feature Sets
Wednesday, August 28, 2013
12:00 PM- 1:00 PM CST
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Featured Speaker: Jim Czuprynski, Database Administrator, Zero Defect Computing, Inc.

Join Jim Czuprynski as he delves into several of the most important new feature sets that Oracle Database 12c Release 1 offers for Oracle Database Administrators and Exadata Database Machine Administrators, including:

  • Multi-Tenancy Databases: CDBs and PDBs• Automatic Data Optimization (ADO) and “Heat Maps”
  • Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) and Temporal Validity (TV)• SQL Performance Tuning: Adaptive Execution Plans (AEP) and Automatic Re-Optimization (ARO)
  • ODR: Policy-Based Data Redaction

In this 45-minute webinar, Jim will focus on the Oracle 12cR1 features that make complex database administration and migration tasks simpler, offer increased database response time and throughput, and make it possible to easily obfuscate sensitive data without any changes to applications.

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