New White Paper Looks at Upgrading from Oracle EM 10g to Cloud Control 12c

Oracle Enterprise Manager (EM) 12c is the comprehensive enterprise management product especially suited for Oracle infrastructure and applications, including Oracle Database Server, Fusion Middleware and Oracle Linux, writes Leighton L. Nelson, lead database administrator at Mercy Technology Services, in a new white paper. Fortunately, he observes, if you already have a previous version deployed, Enterprise Manager provides the framework for seamlessly upgrading your environment. Ensuring that there is minimal disruption to services is important for organizations that have already invested significant time and effort into enhancing their environment with custom reporting, job scheduling and user-defined metrics – and need to ensure that there is minimal disruption to these services.

The white paper, which looks at how Mercy completed a successful migration, explains different upgrade methods for Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c, shows how the 2-System Method is used to migrate from an older version of Enterprise Manager to Cloud Control 12c with minimal downtime, and identifies pitfalls and lessons learned from the upgrade.

Access the white paper, "Upgrading from Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g to Cloud Control 12c with Zero Downtime."