Oracle Exadata: A Data Management Tipping Point

Advances in data-management architecture, including CPU, memory, storage, I/O and the database, have been steady but piecemeal. In this report, Merv Adrian describes how Oracle Exadata not only provides the latest technology in each part of the data-management architecture, but also integrates them under the full control of one vendor with a unified approach to leveraging the full stack. He writes, "the real ‘secret sauce' of Oracle Exadata V2 is the way in which these technologies complement each other to deliver additional performance and scalability."

Merv interviews Exadata customers and concludes that early indications are that Oracle Exadata is delivering on its promise of extreme performance and scalability. His recommendation to IT is to target corporate applications with the biggest potential for speed-based enhancement and consider whether Oracle Exadata V2 can cost-effectively enable new ways to use these for competitive advantage.

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