Oracle News - June 20, 2012 Update

Bridging the Big Data Divide with Oracle Data Integration

Oracle now offers a spectrum of product innovation spanning real-time data movement, MapReduce transformation, Hadoop, data quality, analytics, security, lineage, and storage and analytical appliances.Join us, and learn more about what Oracle Data Integration and Oracle Big Data Appliance can do for your big data projects. Watch the Webcast Now!

Optimize Your Communications Applications on Oracle Exadata

The Communications industry is experiencing explosive growth which means that high-performing, scalable, and cost-effective solutions are critical for success. Learn more by accessing white papers, success stories, product information, videos, podcasts and more. Register now.


Exalogic Webcast Series: Rethink Your Business Application Deployment Strategy. Learn about Oracle Exalogic, a preintegrated and tested platform, designed for extreme performance. Watch the webcast replays.

New Crystal Ball Solution Factory has free demos and new Application Demos Learn More

Webcast June 21 - Comprehensive and Accurate Forecasting for Healthcare Register Now

Webcast July 21 - Simulation of Production Uncertainty in Unconventional Reservoirs Register Now

Crystal Ball is released! Grouped Assumptions in Sensitivity Charts, Data Filtering When Fitting Distributions and Parameter Edits When Fitting Distributions to name a few. Get full details from the online New Features Guide Here

New Version Crystal Ball11.1.2.2 Free Trial

Learn how to lower your organization’s Workforce Planning costs. Quick demo

Big Data Episode 1 - Overview for the boss
The boss needs to present a big data strategy to the CEO. But what's it all about? And above all, what's the value to the business? Two team members give him an overview and will then get to work filling in the details.

Big Data Episode 2 - Hadoop
Apache Hadoop has two main components: a distributed file system and a MapReduce programming framework. Learn what they do and how your organization may be able to use them.

Big Data Episode 3 - Acquiring Big Data
What you need to acquire big data depends on the kind of data itself and how you plan to use it. Learn about the correct use cases for Oracle NoSQL Database and Hadoop Distributed File System.

Big Data Episode 4 - Organizing Big DataNow that we've acquired big data, we need to organize it so it's ready for the data warehouse. See how you can do that with Hadoop, and how we can handle the potential integration difficulties

Big Data Episode 5 - Analyzing Big Data
Big data analysis is different. Learn why and see how to use statistical analysis to generate new insight and new value to the business, answering not just what happened, but why.