Oracle News Update - July 5, 2012

Oracle News

Optimize Your Communications Applications on Oracle Exadata

The Communications industry is experiencing explosive growth which means that high-performing, scalable, and cost-effective solutions are critical for success. Learn more by accessing white papers, success stories, product information, videos, podcasts and more. Register now.

Find Out How Extreme Performance Will Change Your Business

Would you like to improve database application performance by 10x or more, save your precious resources by consolidating your critical solutions, or deploy mixed workload solutions with both data warehousing and online transaction processing (OLTP) applications?   Oracle Exadata is the only database machine that provides these benefits and delivers extreme performance for your business.  Learn more by accessing white papers, success stories, videos, podcasts and more.  Register now.

Performance Webcast:

Webcast: Performance Benchmarking: Is Your NAS Storage Up to the Test
Data growth is not only driving up storage costs, but also transforming performance and efficiency requirements for storage systems.  How do you best judge which storage is the fastest while still bringing you the most value?  Join us as Oracle's storage benchmarking experts explain how key performance metrics can help you make informed choices in your IT architecture.  Watch this On-Demand to become a storage performance benchmark expert yourself!

Sun ZFS Backup Appliance Webcast:

Webcast: Extreme Database Performance Meets Its Backup and Recovery
Did you know that one out of every seven backups and one out of every six recoveries fail?  Without reliable data protection and processes, mission-critical data is at risk.  Fortunately, the solution to these challenges may be easier than you think with Oracle's Sun ZFS Backup Appliance. Watch this on-demand webcast to learn more about Oracle's leading storage solutions for backup and recovery.

Storage Tiering For Dummies -- 2nd Edition:

Storage Tiering for Dummies e-book

The smartest IT departments are reading Storage Tiering for Dummies, an exclusive Oracle special-edition e-book.  In this newly updated 2nd edition version, learn how to implement tiered storage in your organization, as well as how it can intelligently improve storage performance, increase capacity, and drive storage costs down. 

Fact Finders Video Series - Episode 3, The Benefits of Data Compression

Is your database application performance suffering due to data I/O bottlenecks? Oracle's Aaron Newcomb takes on this challenge and shows how Oracle's unique Hybrid Columnar Compression technology can dramatically increase your storage capacity and database performance, simultaneously.

Webcast Series: Accelerate Business-Critical Database Deployments with Oracle Optimized Solutions

Join us for these Webcasts and learn to safely consolidate your business-critical database environment, and build a business case based on quantifiable cost savings.

  • Part I: Why Architecture Matters When Deploying Business-Critical Databases
  • Part II: How to Consolidate Databases Using Oracle Optimized Solutions

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Register for The Extreme Performance Online Event and see how Oracle systems deliver extreme performance to give extreme competitive advantage.

Innovation and complexity are two critical topics on the minds of business leaders. Innovation is what gives them a competitive edge; increased complexity is their greatest challenge.  Learn how Oracle is helping customers make room for innovation by simplifying IT. Access the new interactive e-book,   "Simplify IT and Unleash Innovation". Download now.

Join us for this online Storage launch event featuring Mark Hurd and John Fowler on July 18, 2012 as they unveil the latest advances in Oracle optimized storage. Learn how we're helping enterprises simplify their storage, increase data management efficiency, and use storage to drive business innovation. Three webcasts, one event. Register now!

Resolve--Find Answers Fast, the first webcast in the new "Oracle Support Best Practices" instructional series. Subject Matter Experts present real-life scenarios to illustrate the process, and labs provide hands-on application. Both new and experienced Oracle Premier Support customers will find new tools and approaches. Work Smart. Solve Fast. Resolve.

Take Action -- My Oracle Support Flash User Interface Set to Retire
On July 13, 2012, Oracle plans to upgrade the HTML interface with additional functionality that will allow those users still remaining on the Flash-based interface to switch over to the HTML version. Although the Flash-based user interface will remain available for a brief period following the upgrade, we encourage you to begin using the new HTML version sooner. Find out when you should make the switch!   
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