Oracle News and Updates - April 30, 2014 Update

E-Book: Extreme Performance with Engineered Systems
Download this e-book and read about how our engineered systems can power the cloud and streamline data center operations. Discover how the systems can simplify IT, lower your costs and risk, and help you maintain the highest IT availability with extreme performance.
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Oracle Systems and Oracle Applications Expert Center
It’s easy to see why a complete, integrated hardware and software stack that’s engineered and certified to work together can give you a better IT solution for your business. What may be surprising is how fast, efficient, and uncomplicated things become when you run Oracle applications on Oracle hardware.
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DCIG Report: Making the Right Hybrid Storage Array Buying Decision
"The Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance ZS3 Series stand out in stark contrast to other offerings from enterprise storage providers. It gives enterprise organizations the features they need in a hybrid storage array without having to compromise." 

Before making your next hybrid storage array buying decision, read this DCIG head-to-head report.  

DCIG’s Big Data Tape Buyer's Guide
The Data Center Infrastructure Group (DCIG) has just released its 2014-2015 Big Data Tape Library Buyer's Guide to help customers decide what Tape features are important for Big Data environments, and which vendors should be considered.

Discover why the Oracle StorageTek SL8500 ranked highest of all the models evaluated, beating IBM, HP and Spectra Logic and earned the highly coveted Best-In-Class ranking.

Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance Compared to EMC Data Domain
In this checklist see a comparison to EMC Data Domain Duplication Systems based on factors like cost efficiency and management simplicity, learn about the unique features of Oracle’s backup solution that result from co-engineering with Oracle engineered systems, and understand why Oracle is the better solution for high-performance backup and data protection needs.

Oracle Storage Summit Featuring Chief Research Officer David Vellante, Wikibon
Join us at the Oracle Storage Summit featuring Wikibon’s David Vellante for an informative discussion on how to push storage infrastructure ahead of the data curve. Dave Vellante will review the business requirements that are fueling innovations such as application-aware storage, and how companies can do more with less using dynamic automation. Register now to attend the Oracle Storage Summit.

Webcast: Big Data at Work in the Internet of Things Era 
The Internet of Things promises a deluge of new device driven data. But what matters most is how you can take that data and quickly turn it into business insights for the enterprise. Join Hitachi Consulting, Oracle and SQLstream as we cover the vision, use cases, success stories and best practices so you can set a plan to maximize value from the Internet of Things.
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Resource Kit: Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne on Oracle Database Appliance
Do you know Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, Oracle Database and Oracle hardware are engineered to work together? Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne on Oracle Database Appliance offers a complete Oracle engineered solution-in-a-box. Don’t miss this opportunity to see what you could achieve by running Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne on Oracle Database Appliance. Access the resource kit now. 

Oracle Newsletter Featuring Gartner Research: Changing the Way IT Does Business with Integrated Systems
Integrated systems are in high demand, offering hardware and software in pre-packaged configurations. According to recent Gartner research, IT decision-makers should build an ROI model to determine the full value and business benefits of integrated systems to their organization. And the experts at Oracle agree. Download the newsletter today. 

Integrated Systems and Your IT Career: IDC Survey Findings
Join IDC’s Eric Sheppard and Oracle’s Greg Crider on May 28th at 10:00 a.m. PT as they discuss the results of a recent IDC survey on the accelerating adoption of converged and integrated systems.  Learn how integrated systems will change the way IT departments work and which new technical and management skills will be in the most demand. Register to attend the webcast today. 

Oracle Software on Oracle Hardware – Get Lower TCO and Better Performance
Listen to John Furrier, Founder, SiliconANGLE and Marshall Choy, Systems Solutions Senior Director, Oracle, discuss why Oracle software on Oracle hardware is the best solution. Marshall Choy says, “We’ve done thousands of hours of testing across hardware and software. By testing I don’t mean just functional testing, I’m talking about nightly fault inject testing, bi-weekly patch regression testing across the entire solution to enable our customers to have a very low risk deployment, save money and get to market significantly faster.”
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Oracle: Customer Solutions + Case Studies: theCube Conversations
Listen to theCube conversation with Oracle’s Harish Venkat and find out what is on the mind of Oracle customers. Want a hint? A common theme is that Oracle customers are putting their customers at the center, and customer experience and operational efficiency are absolutely critical. One of the most important aspects of Oracle customer experience is the ability to run Oracle on Oracle. Don’t miss out on this insightful interview.
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Oracle on the Pressure of Transforming IT: theCUBE Conversations
Listen to another conversation with Harish Venkat of Oracle and hear about why there is pressure within many organizations to transform IT in order to meet the demands of business today. Companies choosing to let early adopters have the first crack at this transformation are putting themselves at the risk of being behind. Listen and learn why business and IT transformation are coming together now.  
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Oracle Engineered Systems for Hardware Advancement
Listen to John Furrier, Founder, SiliconANGLE and Hamidou DIa discuss Oracle’s growing hardware business, data vision, and current IT trends and challenges.
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