Oracle News and Updates - July 3, 2013

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Today’s modern, Oracle data centers are demanding more than general purpose NetApp storage can deliver. In this webcast, Marc Staimer of Dragon Slayer Consulting discusses with Oracle storage executives how Oracle’s Sun ZFS Storage Appliance uniquely delivers this integration – and, how NetApp doesn’t. Watch now! 

Register for the Webcast and discover what it takes to make smart analytics investments. You’ll find out how customers have reduced their TCO while gaining real-time insight by consolidating their analytics on Oracle Exalytics, a single machine with optimized hardware, software, and in-memory database technology.

Join us for an Oracle Webcast
 to learn about the benefits, applications, and features of Oracle Real-Time Decisions. You’ll discover how predictive analytics and big data can transform today’s dynamic customer experiences at the moment of impact.

Faster, Easier, and Safer Than Building It Yourself
Is it really easier to deploy and manage Oracle Exadata than a custom-assembled database infrastructure? What are the trade-offs of selecting an engineered system like Oracle Exadata, and what does it mean to daily data center operations?
To find out, register now for the Oracle Exadata Planning and Deployment Workbook and Video. 

Live Oracle Webcast. July 27
10 AM PT
Oracle SuperCluster T5-8, the World’s Fastest Engineered System. Learn how to safely consolidate your databases and applications on one highly efficient engineered system, cut TCO, accelerate workloads and quickly deploy highly available systems without the risk of build-it-yourself approaches.

Making the Move to the Cloud?
Read the InfoWorld Custom Solutions Group paper, "Making the Move to the Cloud." Learn about the Oracle Optimized Solution for Enterprise Database Cloud, offering a fully tested, tuned, and documented architecture to help you deploy a database cloud. Get the paper today!

Database Storage For Dummies, Oracle Edition
Find out how to optimize database storage for maximum performance and efficiency; which database storage solutions are best for their data center; and how fully integrated software and hardware solutions maximize value and reduce total cost of ownership. You’ll learn how to navigate storage choices, leverage the benefits of NAS, SAN, tape, or get a fully integrated database system.

Private and public cloud service providers striving to increase agility while lowering costs are facing monumental operational challenges as the initial success of their cloud solutions is leading to management complexity, service rollout delays and service level shortfalls. Join us a live Webcast on Thursday, July 18th at 10:00am PST to learn how to avoid these scenarios.

New My Oracle Support Quick Reference Guide
Oracle has released a new resource that provides step-by-step instructions of how to use basic features in My Oracle Support. If you are new to My Oracle Support or need a refresher on setting up and using some of the basic features, view the My Oracle Support Quick Reference Guide.

Join us for a Webcast with Oracle Chief Security Officer Mary Ann Davidson and CSO magazine to learn how an inside-out security approach enables you to concentrate your security efforts where they matter most. Register for the Webcast now! 

Building a Database in the Cloud? E-Book Explains How.
This quick-reference guide, organized into six short chapters and supplemented with helpful illustrations, provides a clear overview of the cloud and step-by-step instructions on deploying database as a service.

Database clouds allow businesses to drive down costs while increasing business agility and IT performance. See for yourself how to save money, simplify management, and improve resource efficiency with a database cloud.

Download the e-book today.