Oracle News & Updates - September 27, 2017

Oracle InForm 6.1 Awareness Session
October 12, 2017
Oracle - One Main Street, 6th Floor, Cambridge, MA 02142

The Oracle Health Sciences Data Capture and Management awareness session provides an interactive overview of Oracle InForm and Central Designer’s key capabilities and value proposition to demonstrate how it can help your organization accelerate timelines, reduce costs and mitigate risk with new operational efficiencies regardless of study type, size and complexity.

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Oracle Cloud Platform - Database as a Service Test Drive - Chicago
October 19, 2017
Oracle Office Chicago

During this one day hands-on workshop we will discuss the major benefits of delivering DBaaS and the architectural considerations for building your enterprise cloud. You will create a new database with Oracle Database Cloud Service, then migrate an existing database to the cloud with Oracle Enterprise Manager. Finally, you'll experience how administrative tasks, like backup and recovery are significantly easier in an enterprise cloud environment.

What We'll Cover:

  • Database as a Service key principles
  • Getting started with the Oracle Database Cloud Service
  • Migrating databases into the cloud and back on-premises
  • Perform Backup and Recovery management tasks
  • Explore Database Development perspectives

Ideal for:

  • DBAs
  • Application developers
  • IT managers
  • Anyone involved in public cloud deployment


  • Some understanding of Oracle products including JDeveloper or Eclipse
  • Basic Understanding of Unix/Linux Commands
  • Laptop capable of running Virtual Box images

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