Participate in Benchmark Study: Predictive Analytics – Niche Technology, or Must-Have Competitive Advantage?

Top performing organizations are increasingly using predictive models to improve their business. This research study will determine what strategies and actions companies are taking to:

  • Predict customer buying behavior and grow revenue
  • Improve the product development process to pioneer new products and capture market share
  • Predict risk and detect fraudulent behavior more rapidly
  • Improve operational efficiencies, such as supply chain performance or energy consumption

Whether you use predictive techniques or not, take this 10-minute survey by the deadline - February 28 - and you'll be able to compare your organization's performance against its peers, learn where predictive analytics and data mining might bring benefits and how to get started.

Everyone who completes the survey will receive a complimentary copy of the final research report. Individual responses will be kept strictly confidential and data will only be used in aggregate.

We greatly appreciate your participation in this research effort and look forward to sharing our findings with you.

The IOUG is serving as a research collaborator with the Aberdeen Group in 2010. There are a series of research studies planned.