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Building your Minions to be Leader
Wednesday, June 11
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM CDT
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Team building is an important part of leadership. As leaders, we can inspire our team, set goals with them, and remove obstacles for the team to accomplish their goals. But are we building leaders, and are we planning for succession? In looking at your own career path, there are opportunities for advancement, and we need to look at who you are bringing with you or leaving in the position to continue to grow the team. Succession planning requires looking strategically at the team, developing leadership skills and mentoring them to be more than just the role they have been tasked with. This webinar will provide examples from the volunteer community and from the workplace to discuss ways to plan for the next set of minion leaders.
Featured Presenter: Michelle Malcher, Data Lead, DRW Holdings; Oracle Ace Director; Past President, IOUG