Storage Blogs on Oracle FS1 Flash Storage System

Wikibon: Oracle Announces Oracle FS1 Flash Storage System with a Unique SAN Design

“Most Wikibon practitioners that are large Oracle customers summarize their storage strategy as follows: ‘We buy NetApp for file and EMC for block.’ Oracle's strategy to gain share in the storage market is to target NetApp with its ZFS appliance line and now, with the FS-1, EMC in block-oriented workloads. We expect Oracle's recent R&D investments will help the ZFS and FS-1 products gain share in these two important market segments. Oracle's obvious challenge is to facilitate the growth of these new systems such that they can offset the overall decline in the legacy Sun storage business. Regardless, Oracle in the fall of 2014 has a much more competitive storage lineup than it did two years ago.” 

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DCIG: Oracle Brings out the Big Guns, Rolls out Oracle FS1 Flash Storage System

“Dedicating a single flash-based storage array to improving the performance of a single application may be appropriate for siloed or small SAN environments. However this is NOT an architecture that enterprises want to leverage when hosting multiple applications in larger SAN environments, especially if the flash-based array has only a few or unproven data management services behind it. The new Oracle FS1 Series Flash Storage System addresses these concerns by providing enterprises the levels of performance and the mature and robust data management services that they need to move flash-based arrays from the fringes of their SAN environments into their core.” 

Read the blog by Jerome M. Wendt. 

Taneja Group: Oracle FS1 Throws the Gauntlet Down Against EMC

“Oracle announced Oracle FS1, its first all-flash storage offering on September 29th at Oracle World. While there is much to study under the covers (which we will do in the next few weeks) it is clear that Oracle has thrown the gauntlet down against all-flash-array vendors, especially EMC and its XtremIO offering. There are essentially five things of importance with FS1.” 

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