Submissions Now Accepted For OEM Tips & Best Practices Booklet

The IOUG is currently accepting submissions for the OEM Tips & Best Practices Booklet. This booklet will be available at Oracle Open World in September 2013.

We’re looking for best practices and tips for working with Oracle Enterprise Manager.

Share the tips and best practices you use in your work all the time—the code snippets and favorite queries you keep within easy reach. “Best practices” include acknowledged and sensible ways of carrying out an activity; “tips” illustrate how some activity could be done in a better way or reveal some undocumented or not-so-well-known feature.

Submissions should be 500-1,000 words long; due to space constraints, we ask that your submission have a specific focus as opposed to any overarching database principles. Submissions can range from beginning to advanced-level skills and should include the actual code and queries used (screenshots and other small graphics are also acceptable). Please also submit a bio of 25 words to accompany your tip.

Please send your submissions to the Managing Editor Theresa Wojtalewicz at Submissions are due by July 31, 2013.