Take Advantage of Big Discounts on IOUG Press eBooks

IOUG’s collaborative partnership with Apress, a leading independent technical publisher, has resulted in more than 35 Oracle-focused, technical eBooks written by such industry powerhouses as Arup Nanda, Tom Kyte and Darl Kuhn, being offered to the entire range of Oracle technologists and professionals at 40-60 percent discount for IOUG members.

Here are the eBooks that have been published in the past month alone:

Expert Oracle Database Architecture
(3rd Edition)
By Thomas Kyte, Darl Kuhn
Expert Oracle Database Architecture by Tom Kyte and Darl Kuhn provides a one-stop resource full of deep wisdom on design, development, and administration of Oracle applications.

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Oracle Database Transactions and Locking Revealed
By Thomas Kyte, Darl Kuhn
Revealed provides what you need to know to build high-concurrency applications and deploy them against the Oracle Database.

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Oracle Enterprise Manager 12cCommand-Line Interface
By Kellyn Pot'vin, Seth Miller, Ray Smith
Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Command-Line Interfacereturns the administrator to the golden age, where the entire environment, from database to application to infrastructure, can often be managed from this powerful command line tool secured by the robust Enterprise Manager framework.

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Oracle RMAN for Absolute Beginners
By Darl Kuhn
Oracle RMAN for Absolute Beginners is a gentle introduction to the database administrator's #1 job responsibility - being able to restore and recover the database.

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