The Session Scheduler is LIVE for COLLABORATE 13!

The Session Scheduler is LIVE for COLLABORATE 13!

The COLLABORATE 13 Session Scheduler is now live! Start planning your COLLABORATE 13 trip today. Search by track, date, room, time, speaker or keyword to create a schedule that meets your educational needs. The Session Scheduler allows you to find sessions and networking opportunities that will best make use of your time in Denver. Start planning today!

First Look: COLLABORATE 13 Hands on Labs

IOUG registered attendees have priority seating.

Upgrade to the Latest Generation of Oracle Database and Consolidate your Databases Using Best Practices

Speaker: Roy Swonger, Sr. Director, Database Upgrades and Utilities

This hands-on lab gives participants the opportunity to work through a database upgrade from an older release of Oracle Database to the latest generation of Oracle Database. Read more. 

Hacking, Cracking, Attacking - OH MY!

Gary Gordhamer, Performance Team Lead, QPM COE, IT & PE, GE Health Care Janet Wakeley, GE Healthcare

In this session we will do some hands on work with some readily available security holes in Oracle database, cracking tools. Then we will spend some time learning forensic techniques to detect these events, and finally some tips on securing your environment to protect.

RAC Attack

Develop hands-on training on a variety of topics related to RAC. Read more.