Welcome, 2010-2011 IOUG Board of Directors

The IOUG welcomes its new Board of Directors for 2010-2011, who are setting the direction and working for your best interest:

  • President: Andy Flower, LoganBritton
  • EVP & Director of Oracle Product Integration: John Matelski, Gwinnett County Department of Information Technology
  • VP of Finance: Kent Hinckley, Systems Plus
  • President Emeritus & Membership and Communications: Ian Abramson, Thoughtcorp
  • Director of Web Content and Social Media Strategy: Judi Doolittle, Sandia National Laboratories
  • Director of Volunteer Management: Jon Wolfe, CTI
  • Director of Communities: Todd Sheetz, VESNA
  • Director of Education: Michelle Malcher, DRW Holdings
  • Director of Advocacy: Steve Lemme, CA

Members will take office on May 22.