White Papers on the Oracle's New Flagship Enterprise SAN Product, the FS1

Dragon Slayer: Ending the Torment of Storage Administration 

A new white paper provides an in-depth look at common storage problems, the labor-intensive workarounds, why they’re unsustainable, and how the new Oracle FS1 effectively and efficiently solves these issues.

Enterprise Strategy Group: Oracle FS1 Storage: Takes Flexible Flash to a New Extreme (PDF)

According to this white paper, Oracle’s new flagship enterprise SAN product, “called the FS1 (where the FS stands for Flash Storage), sports just about every feature and function users have come to expect in that market segment … but then adds important and valuable twists of its own.”

SSG Now Snapshot Report: With Purpose-built Flash Architecture Oracle FS1 Series Brings Heavy Artillery to the Flash Market

If you are wondering what the FS1 is and why Oracle thinks it will succeed in the all-flash and hybrid array market, this white paper has the answers. “The FS1 was architected from the onset as an all-flash array and can be sold as such (there will be a dedicated all flash model). For customers looking to tier beyond two tiers of flash (eMLC and SLC), the ability to incorporate performance HDDs and capacity HDDs was a secondary design consideration of the product.”