openSUSE Project Releases openSUSE 12.1

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The openSUSE Project, a global open source community, has announced the general availability of openSUSE 12.1. The stable and easy-to-use multi-purpose operating system distribution helps users and developers leverage free and open source software in physical, virtual and cloud environments.

"openSUSE 12.1 represents more than eight months of worldwide effort to create one of the industry's best Linux distributions," says Jos Poortvliet, openSUSE community manager for SUSE. "The openSUSE distribution and its thousands of open source applications are the result of contributions from individual testers, writers, translators, usability experts, artists, ambassadors, packagers and developers having a lot of fun working together to create a uniquely powerful set of tools and capabilities."

Designed with integration in mind, the new openSUSE release ships with the latest Linux kernel, making it even more versatile and extensible for supporting mixed IT environments, including public and private clouds. By leveraging SUSE Studio, users can build and deploy unique versions of openSUSE 12.1-with custom package selections, artwork, and scripts-that can be deployed directly onto a variety of cloud platforms.

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