The Easy On-Ramp to a Private Cloud with IBM SmartCloud Entry

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In a new blog post, Kelly Beavers, vice president and business line executive, IBM Systems Software, writes about how to avoid headaches and risk by using IBM Systems Director VMControl and SmartCloud Entry: When organizations start thinking about embarking on a cloud deployment, they see the advantages of a utility-like model and the appeal of something such as Amazon’s EC2 public cloud offering resonates strongly with them. However, according to the analysts, a primary concern about using public clouds is security, since most people have heard the horror stories about outages and data leaks. And so, despite the ease-of-use of the public cloud, the attraction of private cloud is that clients get the same user experience but it is all safely built inside of their own firewall - using their own resources and their own IT infrastructure, thereby eliminating what they perceive as the biggest risks with a public cloud … read on.